I get it, you're a coffee lover like me :).

I know how hard it is to find a nice and cozy coffee shop around Quezon City, especially if you are from the North. I've struggled for quite some time to find a coffee shop that will really satisfy me. I'm tired of Starbuck's brewed coffee, for my opinion the coffee of McDonalds for 25 pesos is just the just same with their coffee.  So I would go for a 25 peso coffee instead of their overpriced coffee.

I have been travelling to Asia for years, I went to Vietnam last 2016 and omg! they have the best coffee ever!!! For coffee lovers you really need to go to Vietnam and buy a ton of coffee to bring home. Laos has really good and very French style coffee shop as well , I loved the brewed coffee there together with Cheese Cake (the best combo ever!). If you've been to Thailand, they have a lot of small coffee shops in there too with really good coffee. I've been to different places in Thailand and they never failed me with their coffee. Believe it or not even the 711 in Thailand has a good coffee and pastries. I compared all of the coffee from the different countries in Asia I've been, and Vietnam is the winner, you must try a Vietnamese Coffee  ASAP.

Here's my good news!

There's already a nice coffee shop in Quezon City, it is the Retro Coffee Shop along Susan Road in Novaliches. They served different variety of coffee... they have coffee from Thailand, Vietnam and also local coffees from Sagada and Davao.  Yes! No need to go to Thailand and Vietnam to taste their coffee. I really love this coffee shop is very clean, the design is very Retro and it feels like home. The staffs are very accommodating and they are very nice. There is enough parking space in their area, actually they also own a Car Wash shop so if you wanna have your car clean, just go in this coffee shop while waiting for your car isn't it nice!

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