Communicating in the Chat App

You have made contact with the girl that you fancy. She opens your emails. You've messaged back and forth a few times. The two of you have managed to keep a discussion going through several emails. Congratulations. You have a small bond. Now it is time to move to a more convenient messaging platform.

Filipinas mainly use the following 3 messaging apps. They are Skype, WhatsApp and Viber. Each messaging app works on a smartphone that runs on Android or iOS.  They are useful because they are made for chat. They may also be necessary because the Filipina will likely only have a phone and not a laptop. It may be difficult for her to compose messages inside the cumbersome dating site.

If you have a smartphone, it is easy to download these chat apps. Go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for those apps by name. For example, type "WhatsApp" and you will see the app show up as a selection for installation. These apps are free to install. I have included a screenshot of WhatsApp as it appears in the Google Play Store.

WhatsApp will require your mobile phone number. The app is tied to that number.

Next up is Viber. You can see the screenshot of the Viber app as it appears in the Google Play Store. Viber is also tied to a phone number.

Finally, there is the original messaging app called Skype. You can download Skype for free just like the other apps. Skype works on a username. When you ask her for her Skype, she will give you her username. You will need to search for it in your Skype account under the add contact.

Who Adds Whom?

Since you are the guy, the Filipina will ask you to find and add her. It is rare that she will ask for your info. So the best thing to do is to ask her what app she uses. It can be as simple as this:

"Do you have Skype or Viber or WhatsApp?"

If she likes you, she will give you her info and ask you to add her.

Here is how to add her on WhatsApp:

Hee is how to add her on Viber:

Here is how to add her on Skype:

Communicating in the Chat App

After you begin chatting in the messaging app, you will discover that the communication will go alot faster. You have the added ability to share graphics and pictures. This is where you can begin to exchange more pictures. You can even make a voice call or a video call with her within the app for free.

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