Now that you’ve made it past the first couple of email interactions, don’t think you are home free with her yet.  You see, women have this natural classification process in our minds regarding guys that we meet. They are either boyfriend material or they are simply a guy friend. If you fall into the guy friend, you have entered the friend zone. Usually there is no escaping from there.

It is not logical. We are not making this classification on the conscious level. We just do it. So if you want to increase your chance of falling into the boyfriend category, pay attention to these tips.

Friend Zone Avoidance Tip 1:

Project Yourself as a Confident Man.  Remember that you are supposed to be the stronger sex. You are supposed to lead when we dance. You are supposed to be the first to ask us on a date.  You are supposed to have the better job and the bigger paycheck so always pick up the tab. Don’t be wishy-washy. Act like you can sweep us up from our feet at any time. And yes, I do mean that literally.

Friend Zone Avoidance Tip 2:

Show That You Want Her.  This one is tougher than it seems because you need to balance two things. You want to show her that you want her but you cannot come across as a creep or too desperate. First of all, you will have to show her that you are interested in her as a woman. You are interested in her smile, in her lips, in her curves, in her breasts, in her smell.  If you don’t show her or let her know, then you will be just a guy who only sees her as a buddy or worst yet, his sister. Us girls need to know.  How you show us is another matter. You need to time it so that all your manly desires don’t come out all at once. Women need to be charmed into it.

Friend Zone Avoidance Tip 3:

Have Some Sex Appeal.  Look, this might come as a surprise to you guys, but girls like eye candy too. Before you get the wrong idea, I am not talking about penis pictures. Those are gross if you just put it out there. Imagine walking into the middle of the street and unzipping your fly to let it all hang out. Who does that, right? Moving on… What I mean by eye candy is a guy who projects masculinity. If you have the body of the guys in the movie 300, yeah, that would be a bonus. But even if you don’t, you can act like a man. Real men are responsible. They hold a steady job. They show up on time. They keep their promises. They don’t gossip. They are respectful but they are not shy. They know what they want, when they what it, and they go after it. They have interests and hobbies. They work out. This last part is important. Even if you are chubby, start working out regularly. Show respect to your body. Be disciplined in what you eat. By doing that you definitely increase your sex appeal.

Friend Zone Avoidance Tip 4:

Don’t Let Her Talk About Other Guys.  As soon as she shares any info with you about another guy, you are on the edge of the friend zone. You see, we girls talk to our friends about our relationships all the time.  With our BFF, we share every intimate detail. Our friends and sisters are our support network. They help us cope and deal with all the winding roads and pathways of a relationship. If we start to share this stuff with another guy, then we consider that guy as our guy friend. This would be bad for you if you wanted to be our boyfriend.  The best thing to do is to follow Tip 2 and let your desires be known.

These 4 Friend Zone Avoidance tips should keep you on the narrow path towards becoming her boyfriend and lover rather than her BFF. Now what happens if you did fall into the friend zone? Is there a way out?

Honestly, once I consider you as a friend, it will be very difficult for me to unfriend you so to speak. At that point, I see you more as my gay friend or worst yet, my brother. No one wants to have sex with their gay friend or their brother. There is simply no sex appeal. Remember Tip 3.

The best thing to do at that point is to simply move on. Some guys have tried to hang on and move from the friend zone to the boyfriend, but by that point, I have moved on as well to a manly man.

Now you may ask how can you tell if a girl has placed you in the friend zone. One sign to look for is that when you chat, she replies with emojis. Check out the example text below.

Hope this helps guys. For more real life tips from a Real Pinay on how to secure the Filipina girl of your dreams, sign up to my email list.  There I will share other signs that you have entered the friend zone and how to avoid that pitfall if you want to be her boyfriend.

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