Many of my more daring readers have asked me how to ask their online Filipina for her naked picture.  If I were more prudish, I would find that a really shocking question. Certainly, when guys ask me for my naked picture while chatting, I would be totally put off. This ranks right up there with the guy sending me his unsolicited naked picture. A normal girl would hit the BLOCK button so fast it would leave The Flash in the dust.

First let me say that there is nothing wrong with nude pictures.  A well done body can be a work of art. It’s just that most women find it weird that a guy would obsess with pouring his eyes over a woman’s body in 2D.  Make it doubly true in a conservative culture like the Philippines.

Look at it another way. You’re on a dating site. You are chatting with many potential partners. The guy is chatting with several women at once while he is narrowing down the field. The girl is chatting with many guys in her inbox as she gets to know each one so she can decide whom to pick as the one that she truly likes. Then some random guy asks her to send him her naked pictures. If that guy expects her to share with him her naked pictures, doesn’t he suppose that fifteen other guys may have the same request? If she honors that request several times, she would have exposed herself to many guys, all in a short period of time. What kind of crazy chick would do that? It’s like walking into Central Park and opening your kimono. Nuts! And yet, there are guys that ask all the time.

Furthermore, what kind of guy would want his potential girlfriend to send naked pictures of herself to every guy that asks? Nuts again!

Don’t Be That Guy

So my advice as a chick is this:  D-o-n’t B-e T-h-a-t G-u-y!

Don’t be that guy that she blocks after the first or second or third or fourth message.

Don’t be that guy that makes her stereotype all guys as jerks.

Don’t be that guy that forces her to run away and delete her online profile.

Right Way and Wrong Way

Remember how I said that there is nothing wrong with nude pictures? I’m sure you do.

There is a smart way and a lame way to go about getting her to feel that you are the one that she will be intimate with. When I say intimate, I don’t mean sex at this point. I mean to have a genuine connection.

The lame way is to beg, cajole, demand, or otherwise force it. For me, that never works. I have no idea why some guys continue to do this when all they are doing is making themselves look like jerks. We won’t spend anymore time talking about the lame way. You know who you are.

The smart way is to seduce her over time with words. Get to know her first. Use humor. Be witty. Use your charm. Make her feel that you are interested in everything about her. Ask questions in a fun way. Give insightful answers about yourself. Give and take as you would in any normal conversation.

When you use humor, keep them neutral at first. Don’t go straight to dirty humor. That is a recipe for being blocked too.

Here’s an example of one that I blocked:

“Welcome to my loving world baby.”

First of all, what the heck is your “loving world”? Second of all, I am not your “baby”. You need to earn that. BLOCK.

Here is an example of one that passed the witty humor filter:

He wrote --

“Bad News.

I noticed in your profile that you are 11’4”.  I am only 5’9”. I may be too short to look into your eyes. That’s bad news for me.

The good news is that I don’t discriminate on height.”

When I saw that message, I immediately realized that I may have flipped my vital statistic in my online profile. He made me stop and think. Then he made me curious because he showed some wit.

Notice how he slyly added a hint of romance by saying that he couldn’t look into my eyes because of the height differential. When a guy tells me that he wants to look into my eyes, I sense that he is a romantic guy. I love that. Girls love that.

Next he ends the message with a positive note. He said that he is an open guy and is willing to accept me as I am. This is an important point:  Most girls are insecure. We want our prince charming to accept us as we are. We always feel that we are lacking in some way. It is just the way it is with us. Even the most beautiful woman in the world feels insecure at times. When a guy shows that he accepts her as-is, he gets a check in the plus column.

From this short message, this guy has successfully peeled one layer of skin from this onion.

Do This Over and Over Again

I just explained to how to use humor, wit, charm, and a genuine sense of wanting to know more about her as the smart way to have her become more intimate with you. It works. You should do it. I know because I am seduced by it when the right guy does it on me.

Keep in mind, though, that seduction is a dance. You have to learn the steps, then you have to practice, then you have to dance the whole dance. You need to keep her engaged with your charm, and words, and wit over and over again. Eventually you will get to know her better. She will know you better. She will begin to mimic your dance steps. Soon both of you will be in step with the way you communicate.

If you are humorous and like to tell certain types of funny stories, she will do the same when she communicates with you. Both of you will have fun. You will look forward to chatting with each other everyday.

Over time, as the layers of her onion peels off, you will be able to add more color to your humor and chat. You can begin to say things that won’t offend.

For example, if she compliments you on your good looks, you can say, “I think you have a sweet tongue.. But I’m not sure so can I taste it?”

She will likely reply in one of two ways to this innuendo:

  1. If you haven’t adequately worked your way up to this level of innuendo yet or if she is extra conservative, she may reply, “Hmmm. I’m not sure how to respond to that.”
  2. She will reply in lock step with you, “Haha. You can try if you get over here.”

Either way, you would have made progress with her. Do this enough and over time she will begin to really care about you. If you are lucky, she will even fall for you. And when she does fall for you… You will no longer need to ask. You will get that picture.

Good luck with your chatter of love guys. For more detailed tips on how to seduce your Filipina and make her have a “wordgasm”, sign up for my newsletter. I promise you that there is much more to share from this Real Pinay.

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