Walking is one of the best forms of exercise and one of the best ways to get around when on vacation in the Philippines. Not only do you get to see places you wouldn’t otherwise see if you took public transportation or part of a group in a van, but you’ll burn a whole a lot more calories (to offset the calories in those drinks with the little umbrellas in them). And you just never know where walking will take you; you might see something that requires further exploring thus increasing your number of steps. For your safety, just always be aware of your surroundings and never walk alone in unfamiliar areas.

To know just how many steps you are getting, and if you are close to your daily step goal or not, wear a pedometer, or one of the newer accelerometers, from the time you get up until you go to bed. Many people establish a goal of 10,000 steps per day. While this number may seem daunting at first, it is not that hard to attain if you count each step you take all day long.

If your room or places you visit are above ground floor, take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. The steps all count and it uses different muscles than walking on flat surfaces.

One great form of walking is on the beach. There are many fantastic beaches in the Philippines. We have no shortage of beaches. Regardless if you are walking in soft or wet sand, it will kick your butt! If the beach is clean and free of debris, consider walking barefoot. It uses different muscles than walking wearing footwear.

Along that same line, trail walking (in footwear) also uses different muscles because of the unevenness of the trail and having to step  over or around rocks and boulders. We also have many trails in the Philippines that lead to breathtaking vistas. Be sure you have ankle support, like high-top shoes or hiking boots so that you don’t sprain an ankle.

If you do have to take public transportation, get off a stop or two from the stop closest to your venue and walk in the rest of the way. Same on the return trip.

Walking while on vacation doesn’t seem like fitness training at all. With all the new sights and sounds encountered while exploring on foot, you most likely won’t realize just how many steps you are getting until you look at your step counter.

While you may eat and drink more than normal while on vacation, walking is a good way to burn calories and keep weight gain at bay.

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