How Adventurous Are You?

What does the word “Adventurous” mean to you? How willing or eager are you to try new things? Very? Or do you find that you shy away from attempting anything new?

While most people think that being adventurous automatically means you are a risk taker, this is not always true. Trying something new doesn’t mean you have to go sky-diving or climb a mountain. There are many ways to be a little more adventurous in your everyday life.

Risk takers, are those that normally do what you might call crazy things. Quite often these people have some type of underlying issue, which makes them act this way. But then, again there are those that just like to seek thrills that are above what we would call normal.

If you are in the mood to be adventurous you can easily just try out something new. This might be eating an exotic food, going to a totally new place or attempting a new sport. Or how about being more adventurous in the bedroom? That counts too.

Trying something new really means just getting outside of your comfort zone. There must be at least one thing that you would like to try, but haven’t yet. Why not work up the courage to do it? You may be amazed at how good you will feel about yourself if you do. Even if you aren’t one hundred percent successful, the fact that you tried is a huge accomplishment. Be proud of yourself!

If you find that life is becoming a little boring, then this is a signal that you need to shake up your routine. This is the perfect opportunity to become adventurous and do something that is different. Take up a new hobby or go on a vacation or just visit a new town on the weekend.

Changing things in your love life is another way to get your partner involved in being adventurous if you are in a relationship that has been routine. I know many people don’t talk about this aspect of being adventurous much. Most people are way too conservative but deep inside they yearn for adventure. So how about starting there? Share one fantasy with your significant other and I assure you that that will be the beginning of your grand adventure. You will add excitement into your lives for sure.

Life doesn’t have to get boring and your daily activities shouldn’t be commonplace. Get into the habit of shaking things up every once in awhile and try new things. Let go of your kitchen duties for one night and verbalize your imagination. For once, just say, “I would like to do that! I will do that starting now!” Plan for a hike. Hire a personal trainer. Sign up to perform stand-up comedy. Make love in the rain. Just do something that is not part of your regular routine and you will be happier for it!

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