Because space and weight are premium nowadays when traveling, it is important to take fitness gear that is both lightweight and space conscious. Here are some items that will keep you fit while traveling, but take up little space and add almost no weight to your checked or carry-on luggage.

Yoga Mat

Not just any yoga mat, but a packable one made to be folded and not rolled so that it doesn’t take up as much space. Lay it out flat on the floor once you are at your destination. The folds will flatten out and it will be a constant reminder to get down and use it.

Plus it is a surface that you know where it has been instead of exercising on a floor that could hold any number of unwanted things. You can do several bodyweight exercising from planks to lunges, push-ups and crunches.

Yoga and Pilates are also options for some variety. If you don’t have a routine of either or both memorized, load a video or two of them on your laptop and follow along.

Resistance Bands

These are not only light and conserve on space, but they can take your bodyweight exercising to a higher level while on the road. Most come as sets with different strength bands. The stronger bands can even serve as a suspension trainer in your room or outside.

Fitness Tracker

Sometimes you just want to walk to get some exercise and explore your new destination. By wearing a fitness tracker, you’ll know your heart rate and how many steps you’ve taken and a whole host of other fitness information. Be sure to wear it on travel days too as you would be surprised at the number of steps you get just getting to your departure gate.

Jump Rope

The lowly jump rope is still one of the best cardio workouts that works both the upper and lower body, not to mention increasing flexibility and coordination. It fits the fitness equipment travel criteria of being light and not taking up much space. You can either jump on a smooth floor in your hotel room, around the perimeter of the pool or on a flat surface outside.

These four pieces of equipment take up little room, weigh almost nothing and can provide you with a wide variety of bodyweight exercises. All items can be purchased through a local sports equipment store or from the provided Amazon links. Not only will it help straighten out the kinks of traveling, but will also help clear your mind and keep you in shape.

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